Cool Mens Hairstyle for Summer

How a man chooses to wear his hair can either make him or break him as they say. Let‘s face it– our hair completes our look. It is a major portion of what people see when they glance at us, notice us in their peripheral vision, or simply stare at us. Therefore, caution should be used when selecting a new hairstyle, unless you are trying to make a statement.

Trendy hairstyles typically refer to short and spiky or long and relaxed. The classic cut is always short and nicely fitted. Everything else falls somewhere in between the two unless it falls into the category of wild and unique. Wild haircuts include Mohawks, Emo, buzz cut, and faux hawk.

Short hairstyles for men achieve different things, depending on the individual‘s current looks and appearance. On some men, a short haircut makes them look younger. On others, it can make the man look sophisticated. Short hairstyles are terrific for the summer because they help to keep a person cool and comfortable.

Variations on the short haircut include adjustments to the bangs. Pushing the bangs forward is often referred to as the Caesar cut. Training the bangs to go up and back with hair gel in a diagonal style is another option. Although this is not as popular as it once was, using gel to have the bangs stick straight up is another option. A fourth option involves the use of hair gel again, only this time the hair is spiked. Only exceptionally long bangs lay flat on the forehead, but long bangs aren‘t found with short hairstyles.

A mid–length haircut has two basic options– the neat look and the messy look. With the neat look, every hair is in place and seems to be perfectly molded to the individual‘s head, which it actually might be with the help of some hair gel.

The messy look is a bit more involved than simply rolling out of bed and avoiding a brush or comb. Many men who prefer this style opt to use a hair product to perfect the messy look. In fact, hair pastes perform similarly to hair gels. However, the paste products are less shiny than the hair gels. Plus, the pastes aren‘t as stiff when they dry.

Long hairstyles seem to be making a comeback in varying lengths despite the fact that this style is more work. In general, today‘s long hair for men rarely goes below the shoulders. When it does, it is often worn pulled back in a ponytail. The bangs are typically worn flat or pushed to the side. However, tucking the bangs behind the ears is usually avoided.

Caring for long hair is more work including the shampooing, conditioning, and styling. If it has been properly cut, the long hairstyle is easy to style with a simple brushing after it‘s been washed. It can be annoying on windy days since it might continually wind up in your face. This is not a good hairstyle for many professionals since some prejudice still exists against it.